Omaha Small Business Consulting

Omaha Small Business Consulting Services from Litherland Consulting

Remember, at Litherland Consulting, our passion is helping small businesses achieve their goals. We are a small business ourselves and can only grow if we are successful in completing our mission. Our entire model is designed to assist your company in as many ways possible. Just because a task may be too small or “simple” to other consulting businesses it doesn’t mean the task isn’t presenting itself as a difficult situation for your business. That’s where we want to help. Do you just need to bounce some ideas off a professional? How about an unbiased review of your own market research or internal financial reporting? Perhaps you need someone to help pick up the slack with some back-office functions for just a week or two?

What may seem small to an outsider may be a big deal for the success of your business. Litherland Consulting seeks to give you peace of mind needed to achieve your goals without having to sweat the small stuff.

If your growth has led to the need for overhauling the processes involved in getting from revenue to collections, we can assist with that as well. When you only have a small team of people working on administrative functions, you’ll rarely find yourself in a good position to take time away from all your daily activities to plan, redesign, strategize, and implement a new administrative process for getting from a sale to collection to accounting to reporting. But, hiring someone to accomplish such a need can come at a high cost as well. Litherland Consulting can work with you to fill that temporary role. The project can range in timing based on your company’s specific needs. And even better, when the project is over, you don’t have an extra salaried role to continue paying. The best part about it? We’re still here to help whenever you need additional services. We want you to keep growing and the best way for that to happen is to help keep your ongoing costs down.

Litherland Consulting Services

Financial Analysis

Whether you’re looking for a “second set of eyes” or need a comprehensive overhaul of your budgeting and forecasting, we’ve got you covered.

Administrative Cost Reduction Strategizing

We can look at what is currently in place and seek out enhanced solutions using those systems you already have.

Omaha and Surrounding Area Market Research

We will provide you with an unbiased, comprehensive research report for the area regarding the viability of your product or service in the market and if such a venture can be profitable.

General Administrative Services

Litherland Consulting can offer a temporary fill-in for certain administrative tasks.

Microsoft Excel Training

We can offer Excel training to teams of any size, even just one person, that can be tailored to the needs of your administrative functions.

tim litherland of litherland consulting working with a small business client during a small business consulting session in omaha, nebraska

Focus on what matters to you.

There’s no doubt that as your company begins to grow, it will require specialized skillsets in various areas. Some of those areas you may find yourself looking for tailored training or additional help with, and some of those areas you just don’t want to tackle because it’s simply not the focus of your passion. It is not necessary to hire employees for every task that needs resolving.

At Litherland Consulting, it is our passion and drive to be able to provide the necessary consulting services that facilitate the going concern of each company we work with. Our services are designed to keep your business efficiently running.