About Litherland Consulting

Whether your goal is to grow your market share or to reduce operating costs, Litherland Consulting is there for you.

About Litherland Consulting

Litherland Consulting is an owner-operated small business that provides business consulting services for small to mid-sized companies.

Managing and operating a business starts with a desire to capitalize on passion. Doing what you enjoy doing and being able to live life in that “freedom zone” is essential to so many small business owners.

Sometimes, however, you find that you are especially great at several aspects of bringing to market your products and innovations, but at times you need some expert-level assistance that enhances other areas of your business.

Do you find…

Some areas of your business are less attractive to work on.


You don’t feel comfortable tackling some aspects of your business on your own.

That’s what Litherland Consulting can assist you with.

tim litherland of litherland consulting working with a small business client during a small business consulting session in omaha, nebraska
omaha business consultant tim litherland standing in a suit at the top of a business staircase

Hi, I am Tim Litherland, and I am the owner and consultant of Litherland Consulting. My passion lies in helping other businesses achieve their goals. Whether your goal is to grow your market share or to reduce operating costs, Litherland Consulting is there for you.

Every task in your business demands energy at some level of your attention. There will be times when it makes sense to hire an employee to accomplish ongoing tasks, such as accounting, production, marketing, etc. However, we all have come across aspects of operations that need specific attention and energy but do not always necessitate ongoing work. Your business will face a decision point in which you need to choose how to proceed in this situation.

How do you achieve strong results without hiring a long-term role?

That’s where the experience and strengths of Litherland Consulting’s services will come in. Working with us can be a short consult where we offer advice and strategies so that you can implement a great solution on a specific issue you are facing. Or your business can work with us in a contracted role where we partner with you on a project you need to get accomplished in order to continue being the best at what you do.

30,000 Foot View

The growth and success of small businesses is our passion. We absolutely love seeing others succeed in their endeavors. When you find yourself needing help with a singular task or a complex project, Litherland Consulting is eager to assist you.


Every day is a learning opportunity. Whether it’s through experiences or professional training courses that cover current trends and marketplace strategies, Litherland Consulting is always looking for something new to learn from.

Perpetual Learning

For us, it is imperative that faith, family time, scheduling flexibility, and the ability to participate in the community are paramount to how life is lived. As many small businesses go, we are all about succeeding in presenting our passion in a way that fulfills a need for others while simultaneously being able to provide for our own family.

tim litherland standing against a gray background with his arm folded, smiling

The time IS now.

If you keep waiting for the time to be “right”, you’ll be waiting a long time. Contact us and let’s take your business to new heights.