Grow your small business with passion and purpose.

Litherland Consulting wants to help you grow your small business in ways you’ve never thought of. All you need is a desire to succeed.

Our passion is your success.

At Litherland Consulting, managing and operating a business starts with a desire to capitalize on passion. Doing what you enjoy doing and being able to live life in that “freedom” zone is essential to many small business owners.

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What’s stopping your business from going to the next level?

You need some expert-level assistance that enhances the areas of your business you're least comfortable with.


You don't have the time to take away from all your daily activities to plan, redesign, strategize, and implement a new administrative process for getting from a sale to collection to accounting to reporting.

Litherland Consulting offers small businesses cost savings solutions and strategies to enhance their competitive abilities.

It’s easy to get started!
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1. Contact.

Contact us to discuss some preliminary items and set a meeting.

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2. Meet.

We’ll meet and discuss your business, your specific goals, your immediate needs, and more.

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3. Grow.

We’ll help you execute a specific strategy and start growing!

What you get with Litherland Consulting

We are a small business ourselves and can only grow if we are successful in completing our mission. Our entire business consulting model is designed to assist your company in as many ways possible.

Just because a task may be too small or “simple” to other consulting businesses doesn’t mean the task isn’t presenting itself as a difficult situation for your business.

That’s where we want to help.

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